Her real name is T. Marcela Hernandez R., better known as 'Hrdz', a short of Hernandez, her last name. She is 14 years old, becoming her the oldest of the RockOn!Comedy staff.

Personality in RockOn!ComedyEdit

She looks like a Happy-Go-Lucky girl. Her most recognized phrase is, "actuen normal" (act normal!). In the show, its shown that she and Bertha like bothering among theirselves. She is very calmed, but sometimes she can get a bit agresive. She is funny and normally she temps to laugh in the videos, as well as waflera, who tapes them.

Personality in Real LifeEdit

"Hrdz is a very VERY good friend of mine. You know, always there when I need her; and at 'work' well, she's always present at work, you know, because we are in the same school." Waflera had said once. Waflera also said she likes rock, Linkin Park, Three Days Grace, Bring me the Horizon, My Chemical Romance, in between others. By her tweets fans get to know she practice sports. "Yeah, she practice sports, she's a skateboarder and is in the Basketball team too. She's very strong."

Fan ClubEdit

Hrdz's fanclub is ubicated in Europe, they are two main, one in Spain and the other one in Germany.

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